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Check the news page for big announcements, they won't get bumped off like they do on the twitter feed.


Check back for updated announcements, particularly near the beginning of each season. The twitter feed will have news that slowly gets bumped down.



Gallery Photographs

Welcome to our brand new website! If you have any nice photographs of the team playing hockey or at another Saracens event, please send them our way ( I can't promise to use all of them, but they will definitely all be appreciated.


For each photograph, please include:

a date (as specific as you can, but at the very least the year)

the event the photo was taken at (game, practice, tournament name, social event)




Site Launch

As well as our usual whirlwind of athletic and sporting activities over the summer, we've also had our top people bent over their laptops, creating an update website, and a new Saracens' Twitter account.


Outdoor Schedule

The 2014 outdoor schedule can be found on the schedule page along with field locations. See you on the pitch!


Outdoor Season Starting Soon

Please contact us if you would like to join one of our teams!