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Like any sports club, the Saracens have participated in their share of tournaments over the years.

Oliver, BC

Whether it's been called Moosehead or Rattlesnake the Saracens have always enjoyed patronizing this summer tournament in the Okanagan. Of course, it's not all serious hockey. There's still time to enjoy the sun and some of the other diversions that the Okanagan valley offers.

Golden Oldies

Some of our team are fairly Golden and are lucky to have the opportunity to attend these great events participating with a variety of teams including International Harlequins, and Furry Boots.

The last international Golden Oldies tournament was in Hawaii in September 2013. Saracens Club was well represented by Wendy Stewart, Tony Stewart, Kelvin Wood, Tony Stewart, James Prescott, Mark Cooper and Norm Wegerhof.

For details of the next Golden Oldies, please contact the club.

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